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Understanding Life Settlements

What are the eligibility requirements for a life settlement?

To be eligible for a life settlement, there are several requirements that need to be met. The first requirement is that generally the policyholder must be at least 70 years old or be sufering from a life threatening illness. Life settlements are typically designed for individuals who are in their senior years and have a life insurance policy that they no longer need or can afford.

This age requirement ensures that the policyholder has reached a certain stage in life where they may be more likely to consider selling their policy for financial reasons.

The second requirement is that the life insurance policy must have a minimum face value. This value varies depending on the regulated buyer, but it is generally around $100,000 or higher. The reason for this requirement is that life settlements involve a significant amount of paperwork, legal processes, and administrative costs. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to work with policies that have a higher face value.

Another important eligibility requirement is that the policy must be assignable. This means that the policyholder must have the legal right to transfer ownership of the policy to a third party. Some policies have restrictions on assignment, so it is crucial to review the terms and conditions of the policy before considering a life settlement. Additionally, policies that are term-based or convertible may have different eligibility criteria compared to whole life or universal life policies.

Lastly, the policyholder's health plays a significant role in determining eligibility for a life settlement. Life settlement buyers will assess the policyholder's life expectancy to determine the value of the policy. Generally, individuals with shorter life expectancies are more likely to qualify for a life settlement. This is because the buyer can expect a shorter waiting period before receiving the death benefit.

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