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Hello, and welcome to CONNECT™! We're thrilled to introduce you and your clients to the dynamic life settlement market.


Your first step as an advisor is to join our certified training course. This course will equip you with all the knowledge you need to provide top-notch, transparent advice.

By mastering life settlements, you'll help your clients secure significantly higher returns than traditional options.


We look forward to supporting your journey and helping you bring exceptional value to those you serve. 

Life Insurance - a financial asset!

A life insurance policy is a financial asset that your client has the right to sell.  We at CONNECT will help you get them the most money possible when they sell!
We do not buy or sell policies ourselves but have created a digital platform that allows you to efficiently pass their policy through to a regulated buyer without the middlemen.

Life Settlement CONNECT is the brainchild of a group of leading Life Settlement veterans who have re-designed the Life Settlement market, giving the power to the seller. CONNECT is a legitimate and trustworthy choice to create financial opportunities for a client’s future. Life insurance often represents a senior's most substantial asset, one that can be used to ease retirement challenges such as medical expenses, living costs, and more. They should never forfeit a policy diligently invested in for years when you can show them how to exchange premium payments for an immediate cash lump sum.
Never have them
take the first offer you get from other companies, check with CONNECT!

CONNECT is designed for use on a smartphone or home computer.

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