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Fair Share

Do you, as a financial intermediary, use life settlements when clients need extra cash for retirement? No doubt you discuss equity release and reducing costs but often ignore the client’s life insurance policy. But it could be worth a lot of money!  

For instance, a policy with a death benefit of $1,000,000* could provide them with more than $300,000 in retirement cash when sold through CONNECT™.  You know that selling through the traditional providers means you will almost certainly not be getting your client a fair share. And your concern may well be that this advice puts you at risk – even reputationally?  Well NOT when sold through CONNECT™! 


CONNECT™ has introduced a digital platform with innovative technology that streamlines the process and brings honest and transparent interaction. Before CONNECT™ layers of fees and an opaque marketplace made it impossible for sellers to determine the value of their policy. There were also a plethora of advisors and middlemen each taking a piece of the proceeds meaning that your client could be left with maybe 20% and possibly as little as 10% of policy death benefit. That means just $10,000 on a $100,000 policy!  


Are you getting them a ‘fair share’ when selling their life policy? Anecdotal evidence suggests not!  Considering the statement by one major player** that there could be more than 5 advisors bringing your clients policy to the ultimate buyer you have to ask where does the money come from to pay them, how much do they each receive and is my client getting a fair share? 


CONNECT™ cuts out the middlemen and eliminates layers of fees ensuring that your client gets a fair share of the money! What should they consider their fair share? Surely, it’s the price paid by the ultimate buyer less reasonable fees! 


Well seniors and their advisors have had no access to information and no means to make a comparison because of the opaque nature of the process. Knowing this, buyers often low-balled seniors. Remember that compared to the surrender value from the carrier most offers will look like a good deal!  


Those seniors were kept in the dark and weren’t getting their fair share. Those seniors weren’t using CONNECT™. Today, you can get them a fair share thanks to CONNECT™, and that means tens of thousands more $’s for their policy.  


Get your client a fair share easily with CONNECT!  


*Anticipated lump sum being 30% of death been benefit. Some regulated buyer suggest they pay as much as 40%. 

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