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Unlock Life Settlements Lucrative Potential

Dive into a $200billion opportunity!*

Become a Certified Life Settlement Agent


Join our exclusive training workshop and step into the future of life settlements. 

The Virtual Workshop Begins When You Are Ready.
Start today - and make more tomorrow!

Why Should You ? 


  • Bridge the Trust Gap: Stand out in a market saturated with dubious practices. 

  • Expand Your Offerings: Add a sought-after service that protects and benefits your clients. 

  • Maximize Client Assets: Learn to navigate settlements to unlock the true value of policies. 

  • Competitive Edge: Propel your business forward as a fee-only advisor with ethical standards. 

What You Will Gain: 


  • In-depth Knowledge: Comprehensive understanding of the life settlement market. 

  • Legal Insight: Expertise in HIPAA and the intricacies of policy transfer. 

  • Valuation Skills: Understand the art of policy assessment and valuation. 

  • Communication Mastery: Techniques for clear, ethical discussions with clients. 

The Virtual Workshop Begins When You Are Ready.
Start today - and make more tomorrow!

Workshop Highlights: 


  • Ethical Framework: A deep dive into creating transparency in the life settlement niche. 

  • Asset Optimization: Strategies to incorporate life settlements into your asset management toolkit. 

  • Exclusive Access: Early use of the CONNECT™ software suite to revolutionize your approach. 

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Life settlements are gaining popularity among seniors seeking to cash in on unneeded policies, providing them with much-needed liquidity in retirement. - Reuters


Financial advisors are increasingly recognizing the value of life settlements as a strategic option for their clients, offering an alternative to surrendering policies for their cash value. - CNBC


With the aging population and increasing awareness of life settlements, the market is poised for significant growth, presenting a compelling opportunity for financial advisors to expand their service offerings." - Forbes

Your Opportunity Awaits: 


  • Earn Your Badge: Become a beacon of integrity as a Certified Life Settlement Agent. 

  • Attract Assets: Leverage your certification to draw discerning clients to your practice. 

  • Lead with Confidence: Guide your clients through settlements with newfound expertise. 

  • Shape the Future: Be part of a collective mission to redefine the life settlement landscape. 

The Virtual Workshop Begins When You Are Ready.
Start today - and make more tomorrow!

Would You Like To Learn

How Life Settlements Can Fuel New

Fee Income Opportunities?

Master the Art of Ethical Financial Advice:

Join Us to Explore the Role of Life Settlements

Session 1 - Creating New Fee Income:

Explore innovative methods to create new fee income streams by incorporating Life Settlements into your financial advisory services. Discover how offering Life Settlements as a fee-based product can not only generate additional revenue for your practice but also provide valuable solutions that align with your clients' financial goals and needs.

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According to the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA), the life settlement market has experienced steady growth in recent years, with transactions totaling over $3 billion annually.


The Insurance Studies Institute (ISI) estimates that there are over $20 trillion worth of life insurance policies in force in the United States, representing a vast potential market for life settlements.


The life settlement industry has seen a surge in demand as more seniors seek alternative options for their life insurance policies, with the market expected to grow at a CAGR of over 8% in the coming years.

How Do You Feel About
The Future Of Life Settlements? 

Read This Before Going ANY Further

A Special Note from Michael Abraham:

As a pioneer in the life settlement industry, I've witnessed firsthand the challenges and abuses that have plagued this vital service. Too often, clients have been misled, and advisors left without ethical options to offer. That ends now.


At Life Settlement Connect, our mission is simple yet profound: to disrupt the life settlement business and bring complete transparency to the process. We believe that every client deserves a fair, fast, and transparent result when exploring life settlements.

By providing advisors with an ethical pathway to offer this valuable service, we empower them to serve their clients with integrity and confidence. Our commitment to transparency ensures that clients receive the best possible outcome, free from the shadows of abuse and deception.


Join us in our mission to revolutionize the life settlement industry. Together, we can create a future where transparency and integrity reign, and clients receive the dignity and respect they deserve.


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* Conning Life Settlement report 2024

The Virtual Workshop Begins When You Are Ready.
Start today - and make more tomorrow!

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